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Teletrac Navman

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360-Degree Smart Dashcam


More than just a dashcam

View only the events that matter with our
AI-enabled smart dashcam

Turn your fleet safety management from reactive to proactive by removing all the noise with our AI-enabled HD dashboard camera. Only see the video clips that matter most to your business and protect your drivers from fraudulent claims with the industry-leading four-camera solution, which provides forward-facing, driver-facing and left and right side views. Our artificial-intelligence technology paired with advanced sensors can detect, reason and determine the events most important to your business.

Smart Dashcam
Green 360 Quad Camera

Includes 360° Views

Green HD HD Video

1080p HD Footage

Green AI AI Processor

Technology Learning

Green RT Video Real-time Video

Instant Footage

Smart Fleet Camera Features

Improve fleet safety and driver retention with the latest AI camera technology

Quadcam Rounded

Quad-cam, four-camera view

An HD quad-cam, which provides forward-facing, driver-facing and left and right sides views, gives an unparalleled 360-degree display. Understand how your vehicles are being driven and see both good and bad driving behaviors with real-time HD video playback and unlimited cloud storage.

  • Get instant safety alerts for seat belt violations and distracted or drowsy driving incidents.
  • Capture and analyze every second of road time to only see the incidents that matter most.
  • Access footage in real time from anywhere with built-in GPS and LTE connectivity.
Driver Scorecard

Driver Training

Identify your best drivers and keep them happy with proactive rewards and recognition programs built on advanced predictive technology. Make your drivers feel needed and appreciated with positive feedback.

  • Celebrate success and reward positive-driving behaviors in real time.
  • Utilize HD video for effective driver coaching and training
  • Access contextualized data with our always-on AI and machine-learning technology.
Fraudprevention Rounded

Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud and frivolous lawsuits with a 360-degree, HD video footage that captures driving events in real time. Our advanced AI technology with at-fault detection protects drivers and your business with  indisputable evidence:

  • Analyze second-by-second HD video footage from four different cameras to prove your driver is not at fault when incidents occur.
  • Get your drivers home safe and help protect them when one false move puts them at risk.
  • Use at-fault incidents as coaching opportunities to better train drivers.
Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time warnings and alerts, in-cab and in the office, for harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding, traffic violations, and other dangerous driving events. Set your own thresholds, determine what to monitor and only receive alerts that matter most to your business's needs and culture. 

  • Monitor speeding, illegal U-turns, red-light violations and other traffic infractions.
  • See distracted driving and drowsy driving events in real-time and take immediate action.
  • Eliminate poor or reckless driving behaviors and reduce fuel costs and insurance premiums.

Compare Camera Solutions

Find the perfect camera solution for your fleet

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you in to the future.

Smart Fleet Camera
Quad-Cam, 360-Degree Views

An advanced, AI-enabled smart dashcam that uses machine learning to identify incidents that are most important to your business. 

  • Quad (4) camera built into a single unit, to capture forward-facing, driver-facing, left and right sides
  • Analytics built on artificial intelligence (AI) that continually monitors driving behavior to provide critical feedback and alerts
  • NVIDIA TX1 Deep-learning AI Processor
  • High definition (HD) 1080P video with 360° visibility
  • GreenZone® provides detailed driver information that can be used for driver coaching sessions as well as positive driver recognition programs
  • 9-axis accelerometer - gyro and magneto
  • Real-time audible driver alerts
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Driver-facing camera can be toggled on/off
  • Up to 70 hours of searchable video stored on the device
Dashboard Camera

Perfect for smaller fleets that are looking for more visibility into driver behavior as a coaching and training tool.

  • GPS tracking
  • Accelerometer-based system uses harsh events to record video
  • Reporting
  • Audible warning and violation alerts
  • Designed for small fleets
  • Flexible thresholds based on vehicle type
  • Driver-enabled videos available
  • View in the DIRECTOR platform


Your Success 

Intelligent support every step of the way

Software alone isn’t the answer. Leverage our professional services for added training, reporting support, and more to ensure you are getting the most out of your safety technology. 

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Your Success 570X440

Our program goal was to select a technology that created synergies with our drivers; working with them to advance our safety and service programs… ultimately, this is an investment in our partnership with our drivers in order to create the best environment for their safety and success.

- Chief Strategy Officer at Halvor Lines

NDOT has recovered three stolen vehicles, worth $45,000 each, using GPS data and automated text message alerts from Teletrac Navman. In all instances, their fleet coordinator received text notifications of vehicle ignition after midnight.

- Navajo Division of Transportation

I find the system’s tracking and analytics to be the most beneficial, and knowing the speed and location of my drivers. There’s much more to it than I know. I can only imagine for someone who has a huge fleet; the benefits must be tremendous.

- Desert Limo


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